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EU-funded production digitization project

Enhancing the food production through digitalization, using sensor technologies


On December 14, in a personal meeting in Bábolna, the leaders of Ecomotive and Cubilog Kft. evaluated the results of the digitization of the production process implemented during the EchoEgg project.

Project scope

Cubilog’s expertise is providing customized, sensor-based data collection and information

  • digitize production process monitoring
  • improve production efficiency
  • decrease the manual data logging
  • digitize quality assurance
  • support product development

How it works






Data storage


Innovation value

Optimizing production processes

Displaying and collected data makes production more efficient, reducing idle times and downtime

Quality assurance

Data-based insights, reducing needed resources, and minimize errors occurring from time consuming manual data input

Transparent food safety

IFS ISO and HACCP documentation are digitally collected

Yield for manufacturer

  • production processes can be more optimized and designed
  • by lowering non-productive periods better use of equipment capacities
  • support of on site process monitoring by providing accurate and real time data via on site screens for managers and technical staff
  • the record of digital production data provides accurate data for controlling
  • make it possible to remotely control the critical production steps
  • production and quality assurance on complex data analysis
  • fully automated quality assurance, archiving collected parameters
  • support of decision making by providing accurate and real time data for managers

Value for ecosystem

Product safety and the quality management are the key factors of success

  • Allow to fulfill the high quality expectations
  • Consolidate the current partnerships
  • Open up to new sales opportunities


Applicable other sectors (bakery, meat industry, etc.)

Fully scalable, can be realized any size of production

Environmental impact

By increasing productivity of manufacturing saving 13% of working time, it can be used for washing and disinfection, maintaining

  • Expected 5% decrease in water and 3% in gas consumption
  • The scrap rate can be reduced with 35-45% of the total liquid yield
  • “Paperless quality monitoring system”, reducing the usage of paper by 50%. ill the high quality expectations

Project summary

The project optimizes production processes by reducing idle times, ensuring transparent food safety through digital documentation, and supporting remote control of critical steps. It provides real-time data to managers, aiding decision-making and automating quality assurance. The system is scalable for various sectors like bakeries and meat industries.

Environmental benefits include a 13% productivity increase, 5% less water, 3% less gas consumption, and a 35-45% reduction in scrap rate. It also cuts paper use by 50% with a paperless quality monitoring system. 

The project partners include an egg processor, the Hungarian Digital Cluster, and funding from Horizon 2020.

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